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About Us


We are young, small start-up. We build everything around "People". We are agile software engineers, passionate for work / life balance. We all love programming and are addicted to new technologies.


We always apply best practice in the software development process and use the very latest technology. We build up young and talented software engineers to a world class level. We warrant customer satisfaction to the best of our ability with reasonable cost and a excellent maintenance service provided by dedicated engineers..


Our passion is business efficiency enhancement for our clients, via smart application of automation techniques.


To be First Choice for web based applications. Build long term relationships with our clients. provide exceptional customer service with innovative solutions and advanced technology.


We are honest, open and friendly. We pride ourselves in working as part of a team and build all our relationships on trust. We are passionate about our work and strive for a great work / life balance.

Industry we target

We target web,software and Mobile App Development services to diverse range of Industries.From government Institutions to Private & public sector. Our clients belong to various domains such as Education , Healthcare and so on.

Why we're best

Whether you’re large or small, blue-chip or not-for-profit; we’ll provide you with the same friendly, can-do, responsive and professional service.

  • We won’t make you reliant on us – all the code we develop for you is produced without the use of proprietary plug-ins, meaning that any professional developer can pick up and work with the code..
  • You’ll have a single-point of contact to avoid the frustration – and potential damage to the project – of having conversations over and over again because you’re speaking to different people the whole time..
  • We’ll keep you informed – we’ll let you know immediately if we see something going “out of bounds” for whatever reason – for example, changing requirements or slipping dates – so we can openly discuss how to proceed.
  • Fast, Flexible and Cost effective Solutions
  • Dedicated Resource on Demand.
  • On Time Delivery.


Programming Languages
  PHP ,Mysql , Ruby, Python
  HTML, DHTML, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, JSon ,Augular JS

Frameworks and Libraries
  Cake PHP/codeigniter,UML, XML, XSLT, XSD, XPath
  Web Services, WSDL, SOAP
  Android and iOS

OS, Servers
  Apache web Server ,Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008 / Server
  Unix, Linux and Solaris
  Oracle, MS SQL Server & MS Access, My SQL
  Internet Information Server (IIS), Apache / Tomcat


Software Development

We develope Web applications & Desktop Applications, User friendly solutions to your business problems.

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Fully Customize Solutions

With our Customized project management software, you can completely tailor and customize it to fit your exact needs.

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Mobile App Development

Android, iOS and Windows App Development.

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Business Analysis

Consulting And Analysis: Your Journey From Idea to Successful execution of Project

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Database Design and Mining

MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MYSQL , MsSQL Server.

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Cloud Solutions with Web Hosting

Powerful Cloud base Solutions
web hosting on Dedicated & cloud platform
Based on our experience we have designed the standard Web hosting plans to meet all your business requirements.

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